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23 Aralık 2008
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Daha önce IT World Canada‘dan gelen talebin bir benzeri bu seferde SHRM’den geldi. Geçtiğimiz hafta, SHRM HR Magazine’den Bill Roberts OpenHRIS projem ile ilgili bir mülakat talebinde bulundu. Aşağıda, mülakatın dökümünü bulabilirsiniz.

Roberts: What do you think are the three or four main reasons that will drive organizations to adopt an open source HRIS system that you will be offering as opposed to a commercial package like PeopleSoft?

UCY: Implementing a commercial package such as Peoplesoft is not very affordable for many small and medium size enterprises. Besides the license costs, consultation and customization required during implementation phase and the later maintenance effort usually cost an arm and a leg for them. Since such solutions also require usage of specific customization tools, the customer needs to maintain some level of expertise about that solution inside or constantly rely on external sources for making even a minor modification on the system. Moreover, most of these solutions require considerable investment on both server and client side infrastructure. Therefore these solutions are only viable for large enterprises.

We know that most SMEs are even unable to employ more than one or two people for carrying out HR activities. There came the idea of having OpenHRIS, which will

  • be open source (means no license and maintenance fees)
  • be web-based (means only a basic infrastructure requirement on the server side and no specific requirement on the client side since the system will be accessible from and fully operable on every computer with a browser and access to internet)
  • be based on PHP (means no requirement for a specific programming / tool knowledge for customization)
  • include basic built-in process models – competency sets, scorecard templates…etc – (means no need for consultation for setting up and running most HR process at a basic level)

Roberts: How will Open HRIS functionality compare to PS and others? Will it have payroll functionality?

UCY: In short and medium term, we decided to leave most classical HR processes such as payroll management and attendance control out of the scope of this software project. Main focus will be on personal and organizational development areas where most SMEs are unable to store an affordable and convenient solution.

Roberts: How large is your organization and how many developers are working on Open HRIS? When do you expect to have the first production version available for download? Are you offering beta downloads at present?

UCY: We are an amateur group of HR professionals with a little IT background. There are no professional programmers in the group yet. After completing the conceptual design phase, we were planning to search for professional support in programming. Therefore, we have a lot to do before offering something downloadable.

Roberts: The group of HR professionals you’ve put together come from what regions around the globe? ANy from North America? Mostly Europe?

UCY: Our group consists of Turkish HR professionals only. There are appr. 10 volunteers to participate from various countries but we haven’t actively included them yet since we think that we should first come up with a meaningful basic design, which will constitute a base for further study with other volunteers.

Roberts: What reasons do organizations give for any hesitation they have with open source HR software?

UCY: At this moment there is no full-fledged open source HR software (that is comparable to a commercial solution such as Peoplesoft) in the market. Therefore we don’t know whether they have hesitations or not. But most cases such as of Linux shows that, when the solution you developed is reliable and functional enough, corporations do not snag on the issue of being open source.

Roberts: Are there other companies developing open source HRIS software other you’re your organization?

UCY: There are a few groups going after this idea but as far as I know there is only one company offering a usable solution with limited functionality at this moment (OrangeHRM).

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