I graduated from METU Industrial Engineering and started my career in 2002 in the field of organizational development. Since 2005, I have undertaken different management duties covering the fields of human resources, business excellence, information technologies, corporate governance, innovation and sustainability management.

I have MA degree in Business Administration from Uludag University. I am the author of the book called “Human-Centric Design“, published in 2018. Another one (about Human-Centric Innovation) is on the way, to be published in 2024…

I am also a

  • Sessional Lecturer in Computer Engineering Department of Uludag University
  • Licensed Angel Investor, following up entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey very closely
  • Certified Coach, Team Coach and Facilitator, experienced in individual and team level behavioral change
  • Blogger @ ugurcemyildiz.com & HarvardBusinessReviewTürkiye
  • Technology Geek
  • Amateur Skipper

Work Experience

Beyçelik Gestamp (BG) is a joint venture of Beyçelik Holding and Gestamp Automoción S.A. BG is one of leading automotive suppliers in Turkiye with a revenue around 1 billion $.

People, Technology, Innovation – Director

11/2021 – Present, Beycelik Gestamp (Gestamp Beycelik Holding JV), Bursa / İstanbul

Leading business support functions in 6 different sites in Turkey & Romania:

  • Human Resources: Serving 5000+ employees with ~60 HR professionals.
  • Information Technologies: Providing solutions for all information and communication technology needs of operations with ~40 IT professionals. Managing some IT services centrally for other companies of Beyçelik Holding.
  • Environmental Sustainability, Health & Safety: Providing day-to-day EHS support to all locations with ~25 EHS professionals.
  • Innovation: Coordinating research activities in 4 R&D and Design Centers, managing corporate innovation endeavors
  • Corporate CommunicationManaging internal and external communication of the company
  • Sustainability Management: Coordinating sustainability program of the company

Major Challenges Addressed

  • Oversaw the establishment of HR and IT services in four new plants from 2022 to 2024. Successfully scaled the organization from 3,800 to 5,800 employees, then strategically downsized to 5,000 to optimize operations.
  • Redesigned the entire talent management cycle, from early talent acquisition to retention. Implemented cost-effective, flexible, and user-friendly HR technological infrastructure, enabling mobile access and streamlining processes.
  • Spearheaded various change initiatives to align the organization with its new strategic direction.
  • Strengthened the company’s sustainability stance through several initiatives, including implementing a monitoring and reporting system, energy management solutions, engaging with the UN Global Compact and Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).
  • Launched multiple initiatives to bolster the technological infrastructure, such as ransomware-protected backups, central security monitoring, deploying a fifth-generation security suite, transitioning to SD-WAN, reconfiguring network and system topology, establishing a remote disaster recovery center, and migrating the data center to a private cloud.
  • Run many initiatives to optimize the application portfolio to reduce the cost base while maintaining high operational standards.
  • Enhanced the IT organization’s maturity by implementing new service management processes compliant with ISO 20000. Reconfigured the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and initiated an agile transformation in software development.
  • Drove the digital transformation of the organization by introducing advanced technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the office and image processing in the shopfloor.

Tofaş is a joint venture of Koç Holding and Stellantis Group, and a leading firm in automotive industry with 4 billion $ revenue. It incorporates one of the largest R&D centers of the Stellantis in the world and a car manufacturing plant with 450 K annual capacity. It also conducts all commercial operations for Stellantis Group brands in Turkiye.

HR – Group Manager

10/2014 – 10/2021, 7 yrs in Tofas (StellantisKoc Group JV), Bursa / İstanbul

Head of an agile department (consisting of 25 HR professionals) responsible for

  • managing all HRM (early talent engagement, recruitment/placement, integration, internal communication, target deployment, performance and competency management, development, assessment, retention, noncompliance, total rewards, payroll, employee relations, strategic HR partnership) for the white-collar workforce (~1700),
  • developing HR policies, systems and overall employee experience for the entire workforce (~7.000)
  • developing organizational structure, culture and innovation practices

Featured Projects:

  • Agile Transformation Program”, which was piloted in a set of volunteer departments in 2020 and had been deployed to 1/3 of the company in order to develop organizational ambidexterity and agility.
  • Best-Fit Talent (Success) Profiles” and “Internal Assessment Center Program” for selecting external talents, potentials and leaders.
  • Strategic HRBP Transformation”, which aimed to create an action-driven HRBP team capable of designing and delivering individual, team and inter-team level interventions in order to quickly handle a high variety of organizational issues raised by the management.
  • Customized Talent Development Program”, which incorporates various behavioral development sub-programs such as coaching, developmental counseling, mentoring, reverse mentoring and team coaching. (The program received 1) EMCC 2019 Coaching Award, 2) Brandon Hall 2020 Bronze Award – Best Advance in Coaching and Mentoring, 3) Stevie for Great Employers 2018 Bronze Award – Workforce Development)
  • Employee Experience Design Program” based on a custom-developed “Human-Centric Design (HCD)” methodology, which blends “Design Thinking” and “Agile” approaches. (The program received Brandon Hall 2020 Gold Award – Best Approach to HCM Innovation)
  • Human-Centric Innovation Program”, which is designed to support company wide innovation programs


Talent Management, Employee Relations, Coaching, Team Coaching, Developmental Counseling, Human-Centric Design, Design Thinking, Human-Centric Innovation, Employee Experience Management, Scaled Agility, Scrum, Corporate Innovation Management

    IT – Manager (Project and Enterprise Application Portfolio)

    08/2009 – 09/2014, 5yrs & 3 mos in Tofas (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – Koc Group JV), Bursa / İstanbul

    Within the scope of common functions and commercial domain:

    • Developed process and information systems strategies together with line business heads and created long and short term investment plans based on these strategies.
    • Designed ICT (Information & Communication Technology) initiatives; managed the portfolio of initiatives (from development of detailed functional and technical specifications to implementation phases of the solutions.) Most significant of these projects include SAP based implementations (FI, CO, IM, PS, MM, PP, PM, SEM, SD, HCM, BPC, Global Trade)
    • Managed life cycle of existing enterprise application portfolio.
    • Led a permanent (on-payroll) team of 4-8 analysts and project managers. Size of the project based temp (off-payroll) team varied significantly in line with the progress of the projects (10-150 FTE) Managed many multinational project teams.

     Featured Projects:

    • Commercial (sales, parts, services) Systems renewal and Dealer Management System implementation (Budget: 4,5 M€) 2014
    • E-Transformation (e-invoice, e-ledger, Enterprise Content Management) (Budget: 700 K€) 2013
    • Financial Planning System, based on SAP BPC (Budget: 600 K€) 2012
    • HR Information System, based on SAP HCM (Budget: 1.2 M€) 2011- 2013
    • ERP replacement, which includes SAP: FI, CO, IM, PS, MM, PP, PM, SEM, SD (Budget: 7 M€), 2010- 2011


    Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Program Management, SAP, Business Analysis, Application Life Cycle Management, Logistic and Financial Processes,

    Business Excellence Project Development Manager

    03/2009 – 07/2009, 6 mos in Tofas (Fiat Auto – Koc Group JV), Bursa / İstanbul

    Led design and implementation of a lean management and organizational excellence program, which is called World Class Company (WCC), for entire value chain.


    Operational Excellence, Lean Management

    HR – Manager (Organizational Development)

    08/2006 – 02/2009, 2 yrs & 8 mos in Tofas (Fiat Auto – Koc Group JV), Bursa / İstanbul

    Utilized OD practices to assess, diagnose, design, lead, and deliver solutions needed to enhance organizational effectiveness, build organizational capability and address various business issues of the company. Led a cultural transformation project (2007-2009) Coordinated enterprise wide strategy deployment and annual business planning processes. Designed and managed processes and systems for measuring and evaluating organizational and human resources performance based on Balanced Scorecard. Carried out workforce requirements planning, Managed job analysis and evaluation (grading) studies based on Hay Group methodology. Led a project for redesigning grading structure of the company (2008)


    Organizational Change Management, Organization Development, Strategic Planning and Deployment, Business Planning, Job Evaluation, Group Facilitation

    HR – Specialist (Organizational Development)

    07/2002 – 07/2006, 4 yrs in Tofas (Fiat Auto – Koc Group JV), Bursa / İstanbul

    Assisted function heads in identifying opportunities and performance gaps of their divisions and translating them into organization, process and human capital architecture. Led various re-organization and process re-engineering projects. The most comprehensive of these studies include a crash program for enterprise-wide organizational transformation (2006) and a project for formulating an organizational structure and process framework for carrying out new product development and maintenance studies (2003 – 2004) Led studies regarding redefinition of company’s process management framework and process KPIs (2005) Carried out workforce requirement analysis in order to support workforce planning of business divisions. Involved in installation and administration of various talent management systems (performance management, behavioral & technical competency management, potential management…etc).


    Organizational Design, Organizational Performance Management, Hoshin Kanri, Organizational Excellence Models, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

    Speeches Delivered

    Trainings Delivered

    • Engineering Project Management in Uludag University (2024,2025)
    • Systems Analysis and Design in Uludag University (2023, 2024)
    • Creative Problem Solving for Innovation (2019, 2020)
    • Human Centered Design (2017, 2018, 2019)
    • Job Evaluation (2015, 2019)
    • Facilitating Participative Decision Making (2011)
    • Performance Management by Objectives (2006, 2008, 2009)
    • Effective Performance Review Meetings (2008)
    • Corporate Culture and Change Management (2007)

    Trainings Received

    Recent Trainings

    Leadership / Coaching

    • Leadership: People, Teams and Organizations, 30 Nov 2020-4 Mar 2021, Columbia Business School
    • Team Coaching, 17-18 Jan 2020, Vedat Erol
    • Cognitive Intervention Tools for Coaching, 26-27 Jul 2019, Kuzey Academy
    • Assessment Center Design & Implementation, 23-25 Jul 2018 & 2-3 Aug 2018, Elemental Value
    • Team Coaching, 28 Mar – 3 Apr 2018, Erickson Coaching International / Denge Merkezi
    • Negotiation Mastery, 17 Oct – 15 Dec 2017, HBX Harvard Business School
    • Org. & Rel. Systems Coaching (ORSC) Fundamentals, 25-26 Aug 2017, CRR Global Turkey
    • Coaching Mastery ACTP , 22-25 Feb & 19-22 Apr & 20-23 Sep & 1-4 Nov 2017 & 7-10 Feb 2018, Erickson Coaching International / Denge Merkezi
    • Koç Group Executive Development Program, 29 May-2 Jun 2017 & 25-29 Sep 2017 & 26-30 Mar 2018, MCT

    Strategy / Organization Development / Change Management

    • ICP-TAL Agile People, 14-15 Jan 2020, Agile People
    • ICP-TAL Agile HR, 23-24 Sep 2019, Organize Agile
    • Leading Organizations & Change, 21 May – 28 Jun 2019, MIT Emeritus
    • Disruptive Strategy, 9 Feb – 23 Mar 2018, HBX Harvard Business School
    • Blue Ocean Strategy, 1-4 Jun 2015, INSEAD Paris
    Before 2015

    Leadership / Coaching

    • Psychology and Transactional Analysis, 11-12 Apr 2014, Koç University
    • Coaching Fundamentals, 23-24 Jan 2014, Adler
    • Situational Leadership, 19-20 Sep 2013, Koc University
    • Tofaş Leadership Development Program, 8-10 May 2013, Koc University
    • Personal Awareness, 18-20 Oct 2010, Ekser
    • GRID, 7-9 Jun 2010, Ekser
    • Tofaş Management Development Program, 9-11 Jul 2009, MCT
    • Business Manager Simulation, 9-11 Apr 2009, Ekser
    • Team Building & Development, 23-24 Jun 2008, Baltaş
    • Tofaş Management Development Program, 16-18 Mar 2007, Partner
    • Coaching Skills, 01-03 Feb 2007, Mare Fidelis

    Strategy / Organization Development / Change Management

    • Strategy and Leadership, 25 Oct-15 Dec 2013, Koc University
    • Learning to See (Lean Business Process Improvement), 20 Jan 2010, Lean Institute
    • Facilitation Skills & Techniques, 9-10 Oct 2008, Sabanci Univ. EDU
    • i-lab (Innovation Laboratory) & Facilitation, 25-26 Aug 2008, BCD
    • Strategy Development, 15 Mar 2007, Arama
    • Process Management in Automotive Sector, 17-18 Jul 2006, BVQI
    • EFQM Model, 21 Jun, 11-12 Jul 2006, Kalder
    • Organizational Design in Practice, 20-21 Apr 2005, Gideon Kunda, Sabanci Univ. EDU
    • ISO/TS 16949:2002 Automotive Sector Quality Management System, 11-12 Nov 2004, BVQI

    Project Management

    • PRINCE2, 13-15 Sep 2012, BT Bilgi
    • Project Management Methodologies and Applications, 16-17 Oct 2006, PMI

    Information Technologies

    • UXD (Usability),13-14 Mar 2014, Bilge Adam
    • COBIT 5, 4-6 Feb 2013, Koç Holding
    • SEI CMMI, 19-21 Jul 2012, Mentor
    • IIBA CBAP, 17-19 May 2012, BA Works
    • SAP Solution Manager for Project Managers, 14-15 Apr 2010, SAP Turkey
    • SAP Introduction, 19-20 Mar 2010, SAP Turkey
    • ITIL v3 Foundation, 8-10 Mar 2010, BT Bilgi
    • SAP Financials, 1-2 Mar 2010, SAP Turkey

    Human Resources Management

    • Effective Performance Interviews, 05 Dec 2005, Masters Training Int.
    • Effective Target Deployment, 3-5 Feb 2005, ADISA
    • New HR Applications, 26-25 Jan 2005, Yonetisim
    • Integrated Performance Management and Development Planning, 17-18 Jan 2005, Yonetisim
    • Hay Job Evaluation System, 7-8 Oct 2004, Hay Group,


    MA in Business Administration, Uludag University, Bursa, 2003-2006

    BS in Industrial Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 1998-2002